Unyoke Remastered: Despite Despair / Gunner

by Despite Despair

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Remastered by The Grotto in 2016


released April 20, 2016

Originally recorded and mastered by Andy Patterson in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2012

Remastered by The Grotto in 2016



all rights reserved


Despite Despair Provo, Utah

Despite Despair is a hardcore band from Provo, Utah. Started in 2008, Despite Despair plays a dark, chaotic brand of music focusing on existential themes. Described as a "bludgeoning opus" by SLUG Magazine, the forthcoming album, GEIST, will be released on October 7th, 2016. ... more

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Track Name: Elohim (Remastered)
Will you tell the unnumbered starving that their suffering is a test? From their golden thrones on high, gods will burn; we arise. God. Is. Dead.
Track Name: Undeserving (Remastered)
Your shortfalls.
We're always pulling your weight, pulling your dead weight.
We're always pulling your deadweight.

Shitting on everyone you see
No respect for humanity, you even steal from your friend's and family.

There's no respect for selfish, violent, mindless, carelessness.

This sense of entitlement, running through your veins.
This world you spit upon owes you nothing!
Track Name: Driven by Defeat (Remastered)
I feel overwhelming negativity, and I cant escape reality.
Just talk, lying to myself, just joking
This frustration's gonna grab ahold of me.
The tables gotta turn or I will be nothing.
This wont last another day
This time it wont go to waste
I cant be
A broken promise, a lost chance
hesitation, short comings, I embrace it all
These feelings, this anger, hopeless every time I fall

I cant get up if all i do is tear my self down.
If I'm looking at the past, I cant see now.
Leave your regret and pain at the door,
I won't be chained by defeat anymore.
When words mean nothing, let action redeem.
I doubt myself.
Alone, between frustration and failure,
paralyzed between doubt and defeat.
Is this laziness or fear?
Doubt and Defeat.
This wont last another day.
This time it wont go to waste.
I cant be a broken promise, a lost chance.
We choose our paralysis.
This time it wont go to waste.
I wont let this consume me.
(Pinned under this state of mind)
I can turn back the tide.

I will transmute this anger
Into energy.